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GSoC'22 - [Part 3] Tree-View in Thunar

About the Feature This feature aims to enable the user, when in list-view, to expand non-empty folders (as shown in the image above). Additions & Behaviors , An entry has been added to the preferences dialog under Display > View Settings to define the default behavior when a new tab/window with list-view is opened. When a new tab/window is opened with the list-view as the active view, it will respect the above mentioned setting for the tree-view option and default to that. This feature can be toggled on and off using the Enable Tree View entry under the View menu but this only affects the currently active tab/window.   MR:   Note: This feature hasn't yet been merged. I am working with  Sergios Anestis Kefalidis ( @SKefalidis ), Yongha Hwang ( @MShrimp4 ) and Alexander Schwinn ( @alexxcons ) to have this feature out swiftly 😁.  

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