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A Journey Begins (GSoC - 2022)

  Introduction Hello 👋😁 ! I am overjoyed to announce that my proposal to XFCE for GSoC - 2022 got selected ! Oh ! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Amrit Borah and I am a somophore undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati ( IIITG ), India, pursuing Computer Science Engineering ( CSE ). I have only recently completed my 4th semester at college.  Tasks in my proposal So, getting back to the topic at hand - GSoC, I will be taking on 4 tasks for XFCE . Namely, Implementing option to enable expansion of folders in "Details View" in Thunar. ( link )The desired outcome - Adding user profiles to XFCE Terminal ( link ) I'll also be rewriting the preference-dialog in plain C. Currently it has been written using glade. Handling session restoration for XFCE Terminal ( link ) Implementing colored highlights for files/folders in Thunar. ( link ) The desired outcome - Further details on the topics can be found on the links correspondin

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